Welcome! We look forward to celebrating your daughter’s Quinceañera with you. The best way to begin planning your Quinceañera  is to contact Patricia St. Amour, so she can walk you through the process, discuss all sacramental, booking and facility usage requirements for the Quinceañera and review the necessary paperwork.

Contact Person:

Patricia St. Amour
Director of Faith Formation
(254) 773-4541

There is a $200 usage fee for the church or reception areas, if you satisfy the following requirements:

  • Provide copies of the Quince’s Baptism and First Holy Communion certificates.
  • Provide written proof of the Quince’s and attendees’ attendance at a Quinceañera Preparation class provided by Mary or another Catholic Church.
  • A written statement from the Catholic Parish of attendance (if other than St. Mary) to confirm the family’s registration and regular (weekly or monthly) contribution for the past 2 years (before the reservation date).
  • Proof of the girl’s regular attendance of Parish Religious Education, Catholic Private School, Home School or a combination of the 3 currently and for the last 2 years (prior to scheduling). This proof must come from the Parish, Catholic School or supervisory board overseeing the program
  • Proof of the girl’s participation in some ongoing ministry in a Catholic Parish for the past year: Altar Serving, Choir, Ushering, Lecturing, assisting in Religious Education at the parish, assisting in the Nursery, volunteer hours in the Office, or similar activity. Proof of participation must be provided by the head of the ministry.

A $200.00 Security Deposit is due in CASH at the time of reserving the Quinceañera date.

Those who meet these conditions:

  1. May request any date and time on the calendar depending upon the availability of the facilities and that of the ministers.
  2. May request to have their Quinceañera during any regularly scheduled Mass (depended upon scheduled events at the parish).
  3. May request any of the ministers here at St. Mary or invite a different Catholic minister from outside of the Parish (approval 60 days prior to event is required).
  4. May decorate the Church for the event within the guidelines established by the Church.

If the above conditions are not met, the following applies:

  • Provide proof of the Quince’s and attendees’ attendance at a Quinceañera Preparation class provided by Mary or another Catholic Church.
  • Proof of enrollment and participation in Religious Education the year of the Quinceañera.
  • The Deacon will celebrate the Quinceañera one day per month, set by his availability. This celebration will be a blessing and not a mass. Note, multiple girls and families may be celebrating their Quinceañera at this same event. Another Catholic minister may be invited to celebrate the Quinceañera, but only if they get approval 60 days prior to the event and do it on the set date and time.
  • The only decorations permitted in the Church are the flowers for the Dedication to the Blessed Mother. Respecting the norms of the Church. 

A $200.00 Security Deposit: due in CASH at the time of reservation to hold your scheduled date. This fee will be returned in part or entirety after the event, based upon the cleanliness and condition of facilities used.  

A $700.00 Facility Usage Fee for the church (NON – REFUNDABLE): at least $300.00 in CASH must be paid at the time of reservation of date and is not refundable. The $400.00 balance in CASH may be paid at the time of the reservation or up to 30 days before the event. If the FULL $700.00 is not paid 30 days prior to the celebration, the family loses the Usage Fee, the Security Deposit, the reservation and the Quinceañera must rescheduled.

Guidelines for planning and decorating for Quinceañera Celebration:

  • 60 days prior: All paperwork must be handed into and approved by the Director of Faith Formation. All music must be approved by the St. Mary Parish Office. No bands or recorded music is allowed in Church.
  • No glitter, rice, bird seed, lit candles or aisle runners are allowed due to safety or damage to the facilities and grounds. No staples, tacks or tape are to be used when decorating the walls or furniture in the Church, buildings or on the parish grounds.
  • Only artificial flower petals can be used in the Church Bldg. (and MUST be picked up after the event).
  • Flowers may be presented to the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Any flowers left as an offering will be used in the Sunday Masses following the Quinceañera. All other flowers and decorations used must be removed after the event.
  • Clean up is the responsibility of the family. Ensure Church pews, bathroom areas and any other space used is cleaned immediately following the celebration. Other celebrations or Masses may follow your event.
  • No alcohol, tobacco or firearms on Church property before, during or after the celebration.

On the day of the Quinceañera:

  • Everyone in the celebration must be at the Church dressed and prepared to begin 30 minutes prior to the celebration! It is the Quince’s responsibility to have everyone here on time.
  • If the celebration starts late due to the participants, the Security Deposit will not be returned.
  • All gifts to be blessed must be unwrapped and set on the table by the altar before the celebration starts (Bible, rosary, crown, doll, candle…). Other gifts should already be given or presented at the reception.
  • No flash photography allowed in the Church during the celebration.
  • Only the appointed person or professional photographer can take pictures during the celebration and must follow the directions of the presider.
  • No changing existing decorations or building set up, especially in the Church.

Dress Code:

The Quince and the young ladies in the celebration:

  • Shoulders and chest must be covered. Wear a shawl or jacket, if necessary.
  • No deep V-necklines, high slits, showing mid-drifts and dresses need to be to the knee in length or longer.
  • No High heels (1 inch or less).
  • NO glitter on the material.

The young men in the celebration:

  • No jeans, only dress pants.
  • Attendants wear collared “dress shirts”, no T-shirts.
  • No hats worn inside the buildings.

Rental of the Ave Maria Room or the Regina Caeli Room:

Check with Parish Office for availability. Security Deposits: Ave Maria Room – $200.00 and Regina Caeli Rm – $250.00. Full Security Deposit is due in CASH at the time of booking. If facilities used are in clean and excellent condition after the event, half of the fee ($100.00 or $125.00) will be returned. If extra cleaning is necessary, the full deposit will be kept.

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