KJT #114

Catholic Union of Texas, The KJT is a non-profit fraternal benefit insurance society that operates under the lodge system and has a representative form of government. The initial meeting and election of provisional officers was held in Bluff, Texas (now Houston) on March 24 and 25, 1889 by a group of male Czech immigrants. KJT was later incorporated under the laws of Texas on July 4, 1889, and is currently licensed and operates only in the state of Texas. The KJT Home Office is located in La Grange, Texas.

The letters “KJT” stands for “Katolická Jednotá Texaská” which means Catholic Union of Texas in the Czech language. KJT initially accepted only catholic men into the Union but on January 1, 1979, KJT began accepting women as well. KJT began accepting all Christians in February 2008.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church KJT #114 Leader:

Eugene Pavlat

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