Altar Society

Want to join the Altar Society?

Meetings are held the first (1st) Sunday of each month after the 9:30 am Mass in the Regina Caeli room of the Ave Maria Building.

Membership dues are $12.00 per year.

Ministry Leader:

Cynthia Baylor
(254) 654-1259

Our mission is to provide support to our Pastor focusing on the beautification and maintenance of the altar. St. Mary’s Altar Society shall supply, replenish, preserve and maintain the Altar and Sanctuary of St.  Mary’s Catholic Church, attend the needs of the Priests in the celebration of Mass in the way of vestments, candles, bread, and wine, maintain the decor and integrity of the Altar and the cleanliness of God’s house.
The first Altar Society president of record served from 1920-1928.  The dedicated members have devoted themselves to maintaining, beautifying, and supplying the altar for at least a century.

St. Mary’s Altar Society invites you to become a member of the organization to enjoy fellowship while helping in the ministry of maintaining the altar and providing for the needs of the priest in the celebration of Mass. For membership information contact Rosemary Coufal at (254) 541-1909 or Elaina Castillo at (254) 760-2136.

The Altar Society sees to the replacement of the flowers and plants on the Altar during Masses. Any parishioner may provide flowers or plants in loving memory of or in honor of loved ones.  Contact Rachel Oujezsky at (254) 774-7829 or Elaina Castillo at (254) 760-2136.

OFFICERS for 2021-2023 are:

  • Pastor: Fr. Kurtis Wiedenfeld
  • President:  Cynthia Baylor
  • Vice President:  Mary Helen Maldonado
  • Recording Secretary:  Rachel Oujezdsky
  • Corresponding Secretary: Pat Proctor
  • Treasurer:  Katherine Lenart
  • Parliamentarian: Rosemary Coufal


  • Liturgical
  • Altar Cleaning Crews
  • Membership
  • Flowers
  • Telephone
  • Projects
  • Publicity


  • Fundraisers*
  • *Church Festival
  • *Bazaar
  • *Candle Sales
  • Hospitality Sunday
  • Historian
  • Pro-Life
  • Recorder for Volunteer Hours
  • 100th Anniversary
  • Clerical Endowment
Adoration will resume November 30.
In December the last day of adoration is December 17. Adoration will resume January 4, 2022.