2nd Annual Turkey Dinner 2023

We truly want to say Thank You to all the volunteers, all the cooks that rose beyond the break of dawn, and the roosters too!  Thank you to all the donors and bakers, those that came to clean, dust, push, move, and set up our venue. We had an amazing call to action from our church families and couldn’t have asked for better weather. This year’s tweak to the dinner menu did not disappoint; we decided this year to have turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, chicken dressing, cranberry sauce, a drink, and dessert for $12. Fr. Kurtis wanted to keep the plates affordable with a heaping of love. Well, the vision worked! We sold out at 12:30 pm. The food was so good and so many were in line to enjoy it that we almost forgot to make a plate for Father!

The request for homemade cakes was a roaring success! We received close to 135 cakes before the day was over, we had so much that we were selling them off! So, ladies, thank you again for all your love and support! Our drive-thru yielded 530 plates to go! Thank you to the Bennetts and the Boy Scouts for all the running around you did to make the drive-thru flow so well.

Thank you to all the inside venue serving teams! Oh my! We could not have been successful without you all. You all were amazing, so much fun, and provided such a spirited place of fellowship. Year #2 is now in the record books! As we look towards year #3, there are lots of questions that we will need to consider as a team since the KC Hall would be sold by then. The Turkey Dinner adventure has by far brought us all a little closer but most of all it has given us the confidence and the knowledge that we can be successful. That we can be a strong, cohesive well run oiled team with hearts on fire for the greater good of our parish and school.

With happy and grateful hearts to our church families and to your community.
Thank you!


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