Fr. Kurtis’ 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

Fr. Kurtis was ordained on June 9, 2012, in Austin Texas by Bishop Joe Vasquez, he has served in several Catholic Churches in Austin and surrounding areas but his first assignment as Pastor was four years ago, here at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. His ministry in Temple began as the AC units in the church had to be replaced. That did not dampen his spirits and we held Mass in the school cafeteria and gym. Things were starting to take root as Fr. Kurtis began his ministry, aligning himself first with the development and strengthening of our Altar Servers, thus the first Altar Server Jamboree which was a huge success.

Father even acquired a four-legged pet at the parish festival and gave her the name Trinity. Trinity is now 3 years old having her birthday in April.

Then the pandemic hit and all Mass services were shut down per the Bishop. Father quickly started to share personal information and held Mass in the little chapel live streaming whenever possible. He was determined to keep us together as a church. He requested pictures of our home altars and was our beacon of hope. As things started to gradually open up, he was one of the first priests that held in-person masses, ensuring social distancing by little blue ropes, and providing hand sanitizers and masks for all. Fr. Kurtis was on a mission to bring his sheep back together knowing that we were longing for fellowship and togetherness. He was our light of saving grace. Father also celebrated every New Year’s Eve with traditional black-eyed peas and cornbread which is now a tradition and growing.

His ministry is a ministry of getting back to basics, explaining our rich traditional history, and wanting us to share in one body of Christ. Every baptism, first holy communion, confirmation, wedding, and funeral is a call, a call to come and witness the celebration. Our feast and solemnities are the highest and most important services to attend. Father has taught us so much.

We have refined our campus thinking by hosting events such as the ministry fair and enhancing the various ministries already on campus. Father also inspired our Social Outreach ministry which has had a positive impact on our local community. His vision for a larger parish festival bored much success this year as well as his desire to fire up our old Turkey dinners.

Because of his heart filled with love, compassion, kindness, and God’s loving graces upon our church. We felt it was the perfect time to celebrate and honor a priest well-loved.

On Sunday, June 12 at 1 pm over 200 people attended the 10-year anniversary celebration of his ordination. Our church family gathered in a potluck-style celebration that did not disappoint! The food kept flowing and the dessert table housed his favorites. It was a great afternoon with his sisters Heather and Rachel sharing with us in honor and celebration.


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